Spring update

After another long, cold winter, we are coming out of hibernation. February is said to have been one of the coldest on record and I’m all too happy to see it go, though old man winter is a reluctant traveler and seems to be wearing out his welcome in March as well.

This year we plan to focus on infrastructure and soil building at our home plot and do not have plans for going to market or growing for market. Of course, we will still have a home garden and will experiment with a few new plants. We also hope to add some perennials to the mix, including raspberries and perhaps figs. The decision not to market farm this year was not an easy one. We are both working full-time jobs and have a new family member. We are fostering a 6 month old baby boy. Last year we became licensed foster parents and the experience has been incredibly rewarding, albeit somewhat frustrating (due to the situation not the baby – he’s great!). So, that new responsibility takes up quite a bit of time and market farming is just not realistic this year. Though, I still can’t stop myself from getting excited by the beginning of spring, one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing the bulbs emerge from the soil and hear the birds chirping. And, we have started seeds in the basement. Here are a few pics of spring in these parts:

Winter killed cover crop of oats and peas make a nice ground cover to keep weeds at bay.
Winter killed cover crop of oats and peas makes a nice ground cover to keep weeds at bay.
Deer scat...not a welcome sign.
Deer scat…not a welcome sign.
Rhubarb crown coming to life!
Rhubarb crown coming to life!
So excited to see the garlic coming up. This was planted last fall (early November).
So excited to see the garlic coming up. This was planted last fall (early November).

We are keeping the plot in Lakewood and will put it under cover crop. We are confident that our soil is a living system and want to keep it that way. Putting in a cover crop will keep out the weeds and build the soil structure even more, especially after nearly 5 years of intensive growth there.

0 thoughts on “Spring update

  1. Mordechai says:

    Congratulations on your decision to take in a foster baby! May he bring you great happiness.

  2. Debbie Barber says:

    I will miss seeing you this summer but am looking forward to the next season. Best of everything to you and your baby boy! Have a wonderful time with him!

    • Annabel says:

      Thanks so much, Debbie. Hopefully we’ll see you around Lakewood. Hope you have a great spring/summer….whenever spring decides to show up!

  3. Ellen Gabel says:

    Hope you had fun overseas (I heard from Carol) and that upon your return spring was in even more full swing in OH. Hope all’s well with both your boys and I look forward to hearing about your plant experiments at home!