Moving the hoop house

In 2011, we built a 12′ x 20′ hoop house. Over the years the plastic has weathered and at the end of this season we took the plastic off. Since we were doing that, we decided to move the entire structure to our house and extend it to make it bigger. Below are some pics of the process. The new hoop house will be 12′ x 32′ and we are making it a bit higher too in hopes of accommodating more indeterminate tomatoes next season.

When we get the rest of the frame installed, I’ll post again. We don’t plan to put the plastic on until spring – no point in putting it through a winter unnecessarily.

The trusty hoop house – end of this season.
The auger we rented to drill the holes for the new site. Got lucky with a 70 degree Nov. day.


We put the first hoop in to get a feel for size.
Setting the posts at the new location.