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Spring 2017 – what’s growing?!?


Spring is here and things are really cranking up on the farm. It’s definitely the busiest time of the year for us: prepping beds, soil blocking, transplanting, weeding, watering, and all things in the dirt that come with being soil farmers. Here are a few updates of some of the crops coming in. Lots of row cover and bug netting over the tender greens to protect from pests (mostly flea beetles and leaf miner).

View of the plot in Lakewood. Pole beans planted last week barely visible at base of trellis.

Argentata chard – tastes like spinach (more so than the bright lights variety)

Ovation greens mix – so yummy!

Eric trellising the tomatoes in the hoop house. Cukes and basil also growing under protected culture.

3 rows of potatoes – Red Norland and Yukon Gold


2 thoughts on “Spring 2017 – what’s growing?!?

  1. The greens look great, do you ship to Long Island NY.

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