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Jang Seeder

Last year we purchased a Jang Clean Seeder for planting rows of veggies. The past 2 weekends we have used the seeder and wanted to share an update of how it works. Since, we are still awaiting germination on most of the plants, we cannot comment too much on its precision in terms of the […]

Spring 2010 Update

On April 2nd, the temperature reached 87 degrees, a new record. Time to get out in the dirt and start planting! Since this is our first year growing for market, we’ve scaled our growing capacity quite a bit and purchased tools to make the transition a bit easier. This post outlines what we are doing to prepare […]

Planting alfalfa

Tonight we planted alfalfa. This is a cover crop that has the following benefits: nitrogen fixer puts down a long tap root and helps break up the soil can be mowed and put in the compost for on-farm organic matter protects soil through the winter; diminishes weed production We used a Jang Seeder purchased at […]