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Ode to Garlic

A couple weeks ago we pickled some of our garlic in order to make it last longer. We still have several bulbs of garlic to enjoy through winter. Garlic just makes everything better! Here is a short slide show of planting, harvesting and curing garlic. Quite a process and so worth it!

Garlic – Fall 2011 Planting

Planting garlic seems to have become our Halloween weekend ritual. And, what a lovely day it was for being outside at the farm. Although garlic offered a nice complement to our market (scapes in June and garlic throughout the latter half of the season), we have scaled back our production a bit this year. Partly […]

Planting Garlic – 2010

It’s Halloween and the scariest thing we could think to do is plant garlic! Today we planted 4 raised beds of garlic that each hold about 200 cloves. This is double last year’s production and the majority of what we planted came from garlic we actually grew last year. To plant garlic, you break apart […]