we have veggies!!!

it’s may 28th and we have a frost warning in cleveland…… but we have veggies!!! last night we enjoyed a salad with lettuce, arugula, spinach, mesclun and radishes from our garden. it was super tasty and a wonderful way to celebrate our early square foot gardening success.

peas are coming up nicely ….

and beans have started as well.

but we are not overconfident. already, despite our fence, we have had critters (likely squirrels) get into the garden and disturb some plants…..some to the point of not being able to recover them. for the most part, however, our garden is humming along nicely.

all the precious sprouts and seedlings have been covered in anticipation of the frost. so much for putting our tomatoes and peppers out! hopefully the weekend forecast will be warm enough to let us put all the plants outside and we can stop carrying them out for sun every morning and in for warmth every evening.

more to come….

0 thoughts on “we have veggies!!!

  1. bickle sister says:

    Your garden is thriving! We planted our lettuce from seed and it’s not doing much..even though the high tomorrow is 85. Will persevere.