on its own

since our last writing, we have enjoyed fresh greens every night and the lettuce is slowly winding down. we have planted additional seeds in the basement to replace the existing plants so we can hopefully have greens throughout the summer. one of the bins is almost always in the shade and we have designated this the lettuce bin. in addition, we have decided to try to grow greens in the basement throughout the year….how’s that for a season extender. why not? the set up in the basement is perfect for growing lettuce and some herbs, so it is at least worth a try.

last week we noticed white flowers on our peas and the power of suggestion spread throughout our garden…. the zucchini and yellow squash have started to flower and the tomatoes have as well.

our typical day starts with a long look at the garden to see if anything transpired over the evening. if we are at home on the weekends or a rare work from home day, then about every hour a good look over to see how the growing is going. last thing before bed is one more walk around the yard to make sure everybody is tucked in for the night, a bit obsessive we know.

we are currently on vacation for a week, so our incessant am and pm checking of our garden have been replaced with am and pm queries of, “how do you think our garden is doing?” before leaving, we emptied our rain barrels (close to 110 gallons of water when full and they were full) onto our 76 square feet of garden space in hopes that they would stay moist and happy during our week away. a forecast including rain keeps us hopeful that we won’t lose anything. last year, we were gone for close to two weeks and came home to a sad garden in desperate need of tlc. we are both eager to see what the garden looks like when we return.