back from vacation…..and all is well

we returned from a week’s vacation to find our garden thriving…

the first signs of cherry tomatoes....

first signs of cherry tomatoes on the trellis

bush tomatoes from the amish....doing well!

tomatoes we purchased from the amish at the nearby farmer’s market are looking good!

more tomatoes…i can already taste the salsa. this year we are trying a new experiment…the topsy turvy (look in upper left hand corner). we first saw something like this in maine while on vacation. the tomato plant grows upside down….we’ll see how it turns out. the area in the above photo gets the most sunlight, so hopefully, the tomatoes will be happy!

peppers….looking good!

the above bin contains yellow squash and zucchini (already flowering!), parsley, cilantro, basil, leeks, onions, arugula, and eggplant.

the above bin has garlic, beans, peas, eggplant, cukes and a few struggling flowers. we harvested our first snow peas and ate them last night in a stir fry….yummy!

the bin above is mostly lettuce, a few carrots, beets, onions and spinach. we are totally clueless about spinach. we’ve planted it the past 2 years and it never really yields much before it bolts….have to do some reading on that to see how to make it last longer. once we finish harvesting the lettuce on the trellis side, we’ll put in a few more cukes. the lettuce is awesome…fresh salad for dinner almost every night now. we started a fresh batch in the basement to replace this when it’s gone. gave some to the neighbors the other day since we have quite a bit.

more to come…..