farmer's diner – quechee, vt

on a recent weekend trip to vermont, we stopped by the farmer’s diner in quechee, vt, where almost all the food is local even if the waitress isn’t…..ours was a sunny young gal from florida…according to their menu, the restaurant tries to source 80% of its food locally, which actually appeared to mean from vermont. they do a great job of highlighting and marketing where the food originates and seem to have cultivated relationships with their suppliers.

they serve b-fast all day, so we ordered:

-b-fast burrito with local eggs, cheese, and salsa with a side of local hash browns. not sure about the beans or burrito

-farmer’s b-fast: 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, hash browns, bacon, maple syrup….all local

both were superb! though the service was a bit lackluster. there were only a few other diners when we were there and we unfortunately saw a couple come in, wait 5 minutes and leave b/c no one came to seat them! however, this does not change our rating of the restaurant…..we highly recommend it especially as a local business that is trying to keep money in the local economy and support local farmers.

rating: 4/4 forks (once we get our icons figured out, we’ll truly roll out this rating system)

damage: $19.74 + tip

we first learned about this place in michael pollan’s book the omnivore’s dilemma and it reappeared in barbara kingsolver’s book animal vegetable miracle. it’s also been featured a few magazines, so we have long wanted to check it out and are so glad we did.

please share your experiences if you’ve been there….