half pint farm – burlington, vt

on our recent trip to vermont, we made it a point (and an appointment) to visit half pint farm in burlington, vt. we have long enjoyed reading their blog and are intrigued by the model of the intervale community farm. half pint farm covers a little over an acre of land in a flood plain. consequently, the soil is extremely fertile and the half pinters (a young couple) do quite well with it. they, the couple, are super cool, down to earth (not to mention earthy) people open to giving advice and showing off their farm. they are actually growing artichokes! and 60 varieties of heirloom tomatoes! all i can say is i am impressed by their efficiency and organizational skills. they inspire us to quit our jobs and become farmers….

hoop house with plants

while at the intervale, we checked out the commercial compost facility….unfortunately, the compost operation is having permit issues and may have to close or relocate…..read more here

intervale compost operationcompost piles