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lettuce eat (in the winter)….part deux

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2008 has come and gone….while on vacation our lettuce started to come up. the bin in the middle contains spinach (in the front…which you can barely see since its true leaves are just sprouting) and the final bin didn’t germinate that well, but the rest looks quite promising!

leafy greens - jan 09

leafy greens - jan 09

arugula and spinach

arugula and spinach


One thought on “lettuce eat (in the winter)….part deux

  1. Someone asked how we were doing this and if it was hydroponic, using grow lights, etc….here’s response:

    We are growing them in the pots that we grew our tomatoes in last summer (about 18″x18″). We brought those pots inside to add worms to them and food waste so these would have nice soil and fertilizer for the tomato plants come late spring. Since we had them set up in our basement, we decided to set up our grow light and plant some leafy greens to see if we could have some winter greens. We have about 3 pots with worms and food waste and 3 pots with lettuce/spinach.

    Well, this worked nicely and the result is salads from our basement! The light is on a timer, which of course uses energy to produce the greens, so not sure how much energy we are actually using to grow it, but you can’t beat it for convenience!

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