how to keep your herbs from wilting….

cilantro and parsley have been in my fridge now for over 2 weeks…..thought i’d share the trick i’ve found works best for preventing that slimy bag of herbs or greens that lurks in the back of the crisper after only a few days….
first, rinse the herbs and shake dry. next, cut about an inch off the stems, then immerse (stem end first) in a cup/container with a few inches of water. place a plastic bag over the top and secure around the base of the cup or with a rubber band. place in the fridge….clip your herbs whenever you need them.
of course, during the spring/summer, if you have a garden or potted herbs, you just clip what you need each time…..

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  1. bickle sister says:

    this really works. i can’t believe how long my cilantro and parsley are lasting now. keep the hints coming.