and so it begins…

inspired by a recent 40 degree day, we decided to plant some seeds indoors today. last year, we feel we got off to a late start, so we are certainly reversing that trend by planting today! in fact, according to others we are about 2 months ahead of schedule on planting our tomatoes and peppers and about 2 weeks ahead of schedule on our parsley….

prepping the soil
prepping the soil

materials needed:

  • potting soil/seed starter
  • seedling heat mat – keeps soil warm
  • flat(s)
  • potting cells
  • seeds
  • water and spray bottle
  • grow light (can be added after germination)

we are using old seeds that we put in the fridge after using last year, so not even sure how well they will do, but we will post updates as seeds begin to germinate….or not.

planting seeds!
planting seeds!

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  1. bickle sister says:

    We planted some spinach outside this weekend in our SFG. Getting an earlier start than last year. Keeping it covered with frost blanket. We had a day in the 60s last week so hope something comes up.