Selling Radishes in Tremont with Morningside Farm

Since the warm weather is upon us and we are still learning the ropes, we ended up with product and not enough customers! What to do? Good thing the local food scene is all about community. Today happens to be market day in Tremont, so we called up one of the vendors we know through the OSU Market Gardener Training program. George Remington of Morningside Farm in Hinckley, OH was gracious enough to give us a corner of his table. Super big thanks to him. Not only did we sell some radishes, we also got to learn more about good tips at the market….such as nice signage goes a long way to attracting customers (George has great signs with descriptions of all his plants), spraying down veggies so they stay fresh and glistening, the importance of knowing your product(s) so you can intelligently talk with customers, and it takes more than one person to set up and run the table. All in all a great day!