Turning over beds

Sunday, May 23rd we turned over two of our beds. We harvested the radish bed, pulled out more rocks (will the rock picking ever end???) and added some compost before planting more radishes. The other bed we turned over because we ended up with poor germination of our carrots and decided to start over from scratch. Not sure what happened there, but we only had a few sprouting. We are trying the burlap method again. Will post if this turns out better than last time. We do have another bed of carrots on which we used the burlap sacks and those are looking great!

0 thoughts on “Turning over beds

  1. RobG says:

    why are they nuts? They are easy to grow – I have white icicle, sparkle, a purple variety, dakons, and couple of others I can’t remember off the top of my head. My wife loves them. I like them in moderation in a salad and wonder how they fit in with Asian cooking. Ooooh more research to do on the web ūüôā

    Anyway, as to why I commented, great garden! I’m here via your support for OneStraw.

    Question … what do you use for fertilizer?

    • Spink Bickle says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      We mainly use leaf hummus. We get it from the next town over. They have a large composting facility and we can get if for about $10 a yard. We use some fish emulsion as foliar feeding to our garlic, and for the peppers and tomatoes. And last year we made our own compost tea from our own worm compost. That’s about all the fertilizer we have ever used.

      Love OneStraw! Following your blog now also. Thanks for sharing