tomatoes and basil…oh my!

Are you inundated with the goodies that come with summer? Our tomatoes and our basil are out of this world. Usually, I make salsa, but it’s too hot to can, so I just made a batch of fresh salsa. With the basil, I’ve made a vat of pesto and put most of it in the freezer. But, I can only make so much pesto, so I googled recipes and found basil butter! I love butter and I love basil, so how could this recipe be anything but fabulous. I just tried some on a piece of toast and I’m so happy to have another way to use up all the basil. I added fresh garlic and chives to the mix and it seems you could try all sorts of variations on this. Here are a few pics…

Salsa fixings from the garden
Basil butter!