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August update


I cannot believe it’s August already! Where is the summer going? We have been busy at the farm continuing to experiment and find smarter ways to grow great organic produce (we are not certified, but we don’t use any chemicals on the farm!). We recently learned many of our carrot beds are lost due to what looks like bacterial soft rot. We have decided to rotate to another bed and wait until temperatures drop since carrots do not do well in temps above 80 degrees. However, we have managed to grow two of the greatest beet beds ever using Eliot Coleman’s method of planting 3-4 beets per cell (for transplanting). They all seem to be maturing into healthy beets with amazing greens and large round beets. The chard is also taking off and we now have 4 beds filled with chard. And, we have had some decent luck with our lettuce mixes so far this year. Overall, it has been a challenging year due to the late start from the cold, wet spring followed by a downpour of 4″ of rain and severely hot and humid days. We are continuing to learn as we go.

Lettuce and beets

Aerial shot taken 8/7/11

Soil blocks in the hoop house growing beets (on table) and lettuce (underneath)


2 thoughts on “August update

  1. so great! ive been
    eating beets everyday! i have a great beet salad recipe!

    • oh, i would love that recipe. i’ve found a raw beet carrot salad that i plan to try, but am open to other recommendations!

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