Everything old is new again

My favorite new tool is the Fire Fly Plow (you can find it at Lehman’s). It is a hand powered plow used for cultivating and bed preparation. We purchased this off an old farmer just West of here along with a Planet Jr. double wheel cultivator,  a handcart and a few other tools. This sat in the back of our garage for at least the last year, but now that we are going no-till, we have pulled it out, dusted it off and learned just how handy it is. This is also a tool that is highly praised by Josh Volk, an amazing farmer and frequent contributor to Growing for Market. Yes, ours is a bit rusty and could probably use a good sharpening and a little tightening up, but after using it today to prep an area of the plot for leeks, I’m so excited to use this moving forward! Here are a couple of pictures.

Fire Fly Plow
Stirrup hoe attachment - cuts the heads off weeds