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May update: bees, WWOOFers, and spinach


Things have been cranking away at the tiny plot on Lark Street. We have grown some of the most amazing spinach this spring. Unfortunately, the stretches of heat have caused a bunch of our greens to bolt prematurely. Beet transplants are looking good for opening market day in late June. Bees have been safely placed in the hive and are bringing back pollen. WWOOF volunteers are here and helping with all sorts of tasks…amazing what a few extra sets of hands can accomplish. Overall, things are looking good…just wish it would rain so we could stop watering!

Beautiful, succulent spinach!

Beet transplants from soil blocks

Eric works with Trey, our WWOOF volunteer

Garlic…looking good.

One of this year’s experiments: shallots!

Chard: looks good for the most part, but some leaves have been hit by leaf miners…argh!

Mary, our other WWOOFer, works on cleaning out a bed of bolted spinach


4 thoughts on “May update: bees, WWOOFers, and spinach

  1. I planted my broccoli over a month ago thinking I would be safe but it appears like it is on the verge of bolting. Should I cut the caps off?

    • Hi Brandon,

      We have not grown broccoli in about 5 years and had limited success with it then. I think if it’s starting to flower, then you should probably cut it now and enjoy what you have.

  2. Your vegetables look amazingly healthy. Hope you get the rain you need. I noticed drip irrigation in one of the photos. Do you ever water anything by hand with a hose?

    • Thanks, Mordechai. Hope you are doing well. Still waiting on rain here. We use the drip irrigation for plants that are already established (transplants and after true leaves form) and hand water newly seeded beds through germination.

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