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Backyard update

In early July we plowed a portion of our back lawn and planted a cover crop of buckwheat. It grew magnificently, making a nice canopy over the ground crowding out most of the weeds (with the exception of persistent purslane…argh). Last weekend it started to flower, so we tilled it under. In another week we […]

Food, not lawns

If you’ve been reading along, you have noticed that our backyard is a giant lawn. Well, no longer…at least one portion of grass (~2000 sq ft) will not need to be mowed any more. Phase 1 of our backyard transformation is underway as Spink spent the weekend doing some primary tillage, putting Bertha back to […]

Fruit at the homestead

We continue to make discoveries at our homestead…some good, some not so good. The grape vine appears to be thriving and we think we may have a couple mulberry trees in our back yard. We also managed to put in a bed of strawberries that look great. My mouth is already watering in anticipation of […]

Putting down roots…

It’s Earth Day and I have always been inspired by those who would plant a tree in honor of this day (even though I kinda feel like we should appreciate our home every day of the year, but that is a different story…). Anyway, now that we actually have a large enough yard and a […]

And so it begins…

The weekend brought sunshine and mild temperatures and indicated it’s time to get hands in the soil and seeds in the ground. We planted two flats of spinach and kale and did a bit of clean up as we get ready for outdoor planting. Spring flowers are starting to emerge and the bees were active […]

Edible Education 103 Class 2: Social Practice, by Peter Sellars

The second class of Edible Education 103 is presented by the American theatre director Peter Sellars. Certainly a person I had not heard of and seemed an unlikely candidate regarding food policy or agriculture. But then again, the class is described as stories about food, and I suppose he does eat, so he must have […]