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Vichyssoise (that's leek/potato soup)

The potatoes are finally ready for harvest and so are the leeks. That can only mean one thing – vichyssoise for dinner! Or leek potato soup for those of us who can’t spell, let alone pronounce the French (I think) word. Anyway, here’s how I make it, but as long as you have some mixture […]

What do you do with swiss chard?

Lately the chard has taken off and looks and tastes delicious. Yet, people seem hesitant to buy it at the market. Here’s one way to prepare it that’s simply and tasty. Come out to the Lakewood Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and grab your leafy greens! Sautéed Swiss Chard 1 large bunch of fresh Swiss chard […]

Some Root Veggie Ideas

Now that we are selling our carrots and beets at the market, it’s time to sample the product! We’ve made a couple of tasty dishes with some of the product that didn’t meet the quality standards (funky looking carrots, small beets, etc.). After market we made a stir-fry that contained beets (gold and red), new […]

Eating with the seasons

Pumpkin roll - yummy!

Orange is the color for fall….food, that is. With all the squash that’s coming from the garden and is available at the farmer’s market, it’s easy to make a colorful fall meal. This year we bought a pumpkin, but never got around to carving it. This is a great link to how to prepare a […]

Applesauce Recipe

It’s fall and that means apples. Applesauce, apple crisp, apple pancakes….Yesterday we boiled the apples for applesauce. Applesauce Recipe Makes about 10 quarts lots of apples – we filled a 12 qt. pan and half of an 8 qt. pan (sorry….we didn’t weigh before hand) cinnamon – 2 tbs. water Wash and cut the apples. […]

potato tower – results

well, the potato tower did not produce that much. in fact, it was quite disappointing, but i think we learned some valuable lessons and we are not so upset that we won’t try again next year. i think we planted them a bit late. we planted in may and they should have been planted in […]

fall harvest means good food

This season has been so outstanding. We have grown zucchini for the first time…..I know, I know….zucchini is the easiest thing to grow, yet somehow it has eluded us until this year. This season, we actually have sun and space and the plants have thrived! This means zucchini bread, ratatouille, soup….and lots of shredded zucchini […]