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Hugelkultur and 3 Sisters

A couple years ago we put a hugelkultur bed in our backyard and last year we added another one. Hugelkultur is a raised bed made of wooden branches, logs, rotted wood, grass clippings, leaves and other natural debris. We covered ours with soil and planted right in it. So far so good! We usually plant […]

Splitting Asparagus Crowns

Last fall we dug up some of our asparagus crowns in an attempt to split them to have more asparagus in the future. I’m not entirely sure how to do this, but after a few internet searches I found some helpful sites and videos. Digging up the crowns was a chore. They had gotten so big, […]

Fruit Tree Pruning

The weekend was beautiful with temps reaching the low 50s. Seemed like as good a time as any to prune our fruit trees. A couple years ago we planted 2 plums, 1 peach and 1 cherry tree. None had really been pruned since planting since we wanted the root stock to get established. The peach […]

What's new on the farm

It’s been a while since my last post and I wanted to share a few pictures from the farm. We are conducting a lot of experiments this year since we are taking the year off from growing for market. One thing I have learned is that taking a year off does not mean we have no work […]

Spring update

After another long, cold winter, we are coming out of hibernation. February is said to have been one of the coldest on record and I’m all too happy to see it go, though old man winter is a reluctant traveler and seems to be wearing out his welcome in March as well. This year we […]

Butternut squash…from saved seeds

Last year we saved some seeds from one of our butternut squashes and early in the season I planted them in tiny pots in the basement. Those 15 seeds turned into about 100 squash! So exciting to watch them grow through the season. And, right now, with this warm spell, they are continuing to flower […]

Cover cropping – oats and peas, please!

The new area in our backyard now has a nice cover crop mix of peas and oats. In late June we planted buckwheat, which matured through the season and was cut and tilled in during the month of August. After that Spink drilled in the mix of oats and peas, which will fix nitrogen, build […]

Buckwheat patch makes a great pollinator habitat

Wow, the buckwheat we put in as a cover crop has reached ~3 feet tall and is full of pollinators. It is just an awesome experience to both watch and listen to all the activities by bees and other insects now that the buckwheat is flowering. There are so many honeybees out there! We put […]

Hugelkultur bed

Another experiment! We built a hugelkultur bed in the back yard. This is a raised bed that is composed of dead wood, grass clippings, sod and dirt. The benefits of this type of bed include nutrients from the composting materials, water retention, and aerated soil. Right now we are trying to grow cucumbers in the bed. […]

July 4th update

Summer is definitely here and the high temps are in full swing. Luckily we have also had intermittent rain storms, so most everything is growing super well. Here are a few pics showing the progress to date at the homestead. The small patch we planted in the spring is wild like a jungle and the […]