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Farm Planning

What’s up at the farm? Well, we have been in planning mode with one night a week devoted to planning what to plant, when to plant, how much to plant and where to sell. It’s pretty exciting and the initial planning session outlined our primary goal of being able to grow to sell next season. […]

Eating with the seasons

Pumpkin roll - yummy!

Orange is the color for fall….food, that is. With all the squash that’s coming from the garden and is available at the farmer’s market, it’s easy to make a colorful fall meal. This year we bought a pumpkin, but never got around to carving it. This is a great link to how to prepare a […]

tearing up the front lawn!

Over the weekend, we finally got the BCS out with the rotary plow attachment and decided to put it to use on our front lawn. Who needs lawn anyway? Gotta mow it every week in summer and reseed it when it dies off….what a pain! So, we dug some up as another experiment. Our garden […]

potato tower – results

well, the potato tower did not produce that much. in fact, it was quite disappointing, but i think we learned some valuable lessons and we are not so upset that we won’t try again next year. i think we planted them a bit late. we planted in may and they should have been planted in […]

let them run wild

the strawberries are out of control. despite ordering 50 plants, only about 5 survived and we lamented the fact that this experiment was unsuccessful. however, we forgot about the runners….the strawberries have multiplied and now fill the planter and continue moving outside the boundary of the pyramid. my solution is to dig up the lawn […]