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Backyard planting update and cucumber beetles

Here’s an update on the veggies growing in the backyard. We have a slight infestation of cucumber beetles. Every morning and evening, I go out and kill these by the dozen and we have sticky traps out to try to catch them. They are so devastating to the cukes and squash, but hopefully they will […]

Food not lawns update

Last year we prepped part of our backyard for planting by tilling the grass in and planting a cover crop. This year we are actually planting in this area! We planted potatoes (thanks to generosity of farmer friends), butternut squash (saved seed from last year’s crop) and cukes. This weekend we will plant tomatoes in […]

Fruit at the homestead

We continue to make discoveries at our homestead…some good, some not so good. The grape vine appears to be thriving and we think we may have a couple mulberry trees in our back yard. We also managed to put in a bed of strawberries that look great. My mouth is already watering in anticipation of […]

Putting down roots…

It’s Earth Day and I have always been inspired by those who would plant a tree in honor of this day (even though I kinda feel like we should appreciate our home every day of the year, but that is a different story…). Anyway, now that we actually have a large enough yard and a […]

Don't throw those tops away!

Did you know you can eat the tops of beets? Of course you did…. Well, how about the tops of radishes and carrots? Yeah, I didn’t know that either until one of our customers told us she uses the radish tops (can’t remember how) and our WWOOF volunteer told us he eats carrot tops (sauteed […]

It's winter and we are still enjoying our produce…

We are well into the cold months  and we are still enjoying onions, garlic, potatoes and even carrots as part of our weekly meals. It will be a sad day when I have to buy onions at the grocery store again. Potatoes and garlic should hold through winter and carrots are still in the ground. […]

Vichyssoise (that's leek/potato soup)

The potatoes are finally ready for harvest and so are the leeks. That can only mean one thing – vichyssoise for dinner! Or leek potato soup for those of us who can’t spell, let alone pronounce the French (I think) word. Anyway, here’s how I make it, but as long as you have some mixture […]

Some Root Veggie Ideas

Now that we are selling our carrots and beets at the market, it’s time to sample the product! We’ve made a couple of tasty dishes with some of the product that didn’t meet the quality standards (funky looking carrots, small beets, etc.). After market we made a stir-fry that contained beets (gold and red), new […]

Pining for Summer

Have you ever had a memory triggered by a smell? Well, that’s what happened to me today when I ate a salad that had strawberries in it. Not sure where they came from, but guessing they are not from around these parts….not this time of year anyway. But, the smell….ah, it brought back memories and […]